Nubia Landell, born in Durango, Mexico, started painting professionally in 1996, driven by a strong interest in the exploration of colour.  This lead the artist, in 2003, on a journey of discovery, looking for pigments in Pashupatinath – Nepal, Singapore and Thailand.  Later on, Nubia Landell, made extensive use of a variety of techniques such as graphics, photography, collage and mosaic.  Frequent themes, explored by the artist are: landscapes, nature and the human form. With the passing of time, images tended to become less representational in her work.

The main driving force behind Nubia Landell’s creativity and all that she does, is the way she uses her painter’s eye combined with a developing concept of layering.  Working with layers, allows the artist to develop multi faceted images, while the colour builds itself, creating perspective from which the final art work slowly emerges. 

During the genesis of the creative act, Nubia Landell absorbs elements from whichever sentiment, idea or vision she wishes to express, translating and synthesising them through her artistic language. 

Her work has been exhibited in Bosnia – Herzegovina, France, Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. She is currently living and working in Mexico.


Solo Exhibitions

2019: Eichstätter Impressionen / Kindheitserinnerung. 17th May until 2nd June. Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt, Germany.

2016: LA VACA – Die Kuh, Stadtgalerie. Chur, Switzerland.

2012 until 2013: Malerei-Originaldruckgraphiken-Collage-Fotografien, Stadtgalerie. Chur, Switzerland.

2011: Paintings from the Series: Landscapes. Chur, Switzerland.

2010: Nubia Landell in Berlin. Schirmsaal at the Haldenstein Castle. Graubünden, Switzerland.

2010: Photo Exhibition. Lejanía / Distance, Stadtgalerie. Chur, Switzerland.

2003: Intento de Mujer. Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes / CASA TERAN, Aguascalientes, México.

Collective Exhibitios 

2021:  Residencia Art project. SURESTE. 15th October until 31 December 2021.  Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

2020:  10th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro. August until October. Douro Region, Portugal.

2020:  2nd International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Livno. 26 June until 1st November 2020. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2019: Tribuna Graphic 2019. Art Museum Cluj-Napoca. 11th December until 6th June. Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

2019: Biennale Internazionale Di Opere di Carta. 6th October until 9th February 2020. Palazzo Fogarraro, Schio, Italy.

2019: Fête de l’Estampe. LA LITHOGRAPHIE Association at Chateau de Marnay, France.

2019: MiniPrintPaese. International Exhibition of Graphic Art. 30th March until 20th April. Villa Panizza, Paese, Italy.

2018: The International Biennial of Lithography. 01st until 15th November. Belgrade, Serbia.

2018: 9th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro. August until  October. Douro Region, Portugal.

2017: 6th International Latgales Grafikas Simpozijs. Mark Rothko Art Centre. Daugavpils, Latvia.

2016: VIII Ural Print Triennial International Exhibition. Catalog Page 138. Ufa, Russian.

2016: November 19th until January 15th 2017. At Galerie L’ Etangd’ Art.  Bages, France.

2016: 10 hoch 3. At Kabinett der Visionäre. Chur, Switzerland.

2016: Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gràfic. 21st October until 6th November. Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

2016: 12th August until 11th September. At Wingfield Barns. Wingfield, Suffolk, UK.

2016: 8th. International Printmaking Biennial Douro. 11th August until October. Douro, Portugal.

2016: Participation at the 36 Mini Print International de Cadaqués at Taller Galeria Fort. Spain.

2016: Decisions.  April, 2016. At Kabinett der Visionäre.  Chur, Switzerland.

2016: 3 Jahre Kabinett der Visionäre. 19th February. Chur, Switzerland.

2015: 14th November until 17th January 2016. At Galerie L’ Etangd’ Art. Bages, France.

2015: XL RADIERUNGEN. Printing Studio print & barrack, at the Stadtgalerie. Chur, Switzerland.

2015: Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gràfic. 9th October until 1st November. Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

2015: 20th Triennale Grenchen / 17th until 20th September.  Grenchen, Switzerland.

2015:  25th July until 30th August. At Wingfield Barns. Wingfield, Suffolk, UK.

2015: 27th June until 30th September. Participation at the 35 Mini Print International de Cadaqués at Taller Galeria Fort. Spain.

2015: Chalet Aehrenfeld. Wohnung Atelier LANDELL & PODGORNIK. Haldenstein, Switzerland.

2014: Lithography Exhibition. Spur der Stein. AUSSTELLUNG DRUCKWERKSTATT BBK Berlin, Germany.

2014: JÄGER DER ARTEMIS. Kabinett der Visionäre. Chur, Switzerland.

2014: …von der Fülle und der Leere. Kabinett der Visionäre. Chur, Switzerland.

2013: Lithography and Etching Exhibition. En Blanco, Stadtgalerie. Chur, Switzerland.

2012: möbel & kunst. Chur, Switzerland.

2011: 25 Jahre IN SITU CHUR. Pulvermühlestrasse 20 (ehemaliges Brockenhaus), Chur, Switzerland.

2010: 10 – Jahr – Jubiläum. Graphics from the Lithographie- und Radierwerkstattt Schloss Haldenstein, Switzerland.

2009: Aus der IN SITU – Werkstatt, Postremise Saal. Chur, Switzerland


2019: Artist in Residence at the Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt. May 2019. Eichstätt, Germany.

2017: Artists in Residence at the “6Th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium in Daugavpils”. Mark Rothko Art Centre. Daugavpils, Latvia.

2016: Artists in Residence at Art Print Residence. Arenys de Munt, Catalunya, Spain.

2015: Artists in Residence at La Ceiba Gráfica. Orduña, Veracruz, Mexico.

Professional development and relevant training courses

Henry Ruck, Printmaker and Artist. From 2009 until 2012, including a three-month scholarship in Berlin at the printing studio, Künstlerische Lithographie in Treptow.

Helmut Mitschke, Master Printer in Stone Lithography. Two years of study, from 2009 to the end of 2010.

Techniques of drawing and oil Painting, at the Casa de la Culture in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Summer 2003.

Workshop in modern mosaic. Teacher: Elena Rubio, at the Ferlandina Street Art Studio, Barcelona, Spain. 2006.

Workshop in modern mosaic, using Smelt (Italian glass), ceramics and natural stones. Teacher: Lucie Decoudu, at the Chamäleon Mosaic Studio, Barcelona, Spain. 2006 until 2007.

Monotype Etching Workshop at the Núria Duran Arana’s Art studio in Barcelona, Spain. 2006 until 2007.

Byzantine Technique Mosaics, using Italian glass and marble. Mosaic Art School with Luciana Notturni, Ravenna, Italy. 2008 until 2010.


2018 until  present day, co-founder of “Open to Printmakers Printing Studio”. Turin, Italy.

December 2011 until September 2019 Studio Manager and Technician from the Lithographie- und Radierwerkstatt Schloss Haldenstein, Switzerland.

2011 until present day, Teacher of classical Stone Lithography, Traditional Etching, Blue Etching (acid free) and Passive Electrolytic Etching.

2009 until present day, Teacher of Modern Mosaic Technique.